Emu Casino Sign Up Code

Aside from quality games and a safe online gaming environment, players flock to Emu Casino for another reason – the Emu Casino sign up code and subsequent bonus offerings.  

With an outstanding no deposit bonus to kick things off, along with plenty of free spins and deposit bonuses for good measure, no wonder it’s a preferred online casino for many.  

If you’re ready to register at a new and exciting casino, arm yourself with an Emu Casino sign up code and get going!  

Emu Casino Welcome Bonus 

Emu casino welcome bonus

Show me a better welcome bonus – I’ll wait. When you sign up at Emu Casino, you’ll be delighted to learn that a $300 triple welcome deposit bonus is waiting in the wings for you to claim. There is no Emu Casino sign up code to enter for this bonus, so we’ll fill you in on how this bonus works for Canadian players below.  

First deposit bonus – 200% match deposit up to $100  

Second deposit bonus – 25% match deposit up to $100  

Third deposit bonus – 50% match deposit up to $100  

Claiming the Emu Casino Welcome bonus without a sign up code is easy; just follow these steps:  

1. Register an account 

2. Make a deposit with your preferred payment method 

3. Click the ‘choose’ bonus button on the second stage of the depositing process 

4. Confirm your bonus, and it will show up in your account automatically!  

Emu Casino Sign Up Code 

You may have heard mention of there being an Emu Casino sign up code for your welcome bonus, but it’s not as straightforward as that. The bonus in question is actually called Registration Free Spins, not ‘welcome bonus’.  

When you register your account at Emu Casino, you receive free spins for the Eddy Dundee slots game without having to make a deposit! The sign up code is not actively advertised on the website, and that’s for a good reason. It stops people who haven’t signed up from trying to access the free spins!  

Remember, the registration process is fast and easy, so exchange two minutes of your time for 12 free spins!  

How to Use the Bonus Code 

Even though it might seem complicated to find, use, and claim your Emu Casino sign up code for your no deposit bonus, it’s really easy!  

1. Set up your Emu Casino account 

2. Check your registered email inbox for your activation link or sign up code  

3. Go to your account settings and click on ‘bonuses’ 

4. Follow ‘claimable bonuses’ to the button that says ‘Registration Free Spins’ and click ‘Claim Bonus’  

5. Visit the Eddy Dundee game, and the free spins will be there to use!  

Other Bonuses & Codes 

Emu casino sign up code

Even though the two welcome bonuses are the most popular at this casino, you will also find plenty of other opportunities to hunt down bonus codes. Emu Casino just loves surprising its players.  

Every now and again, Emu Casino will offer an exclusive promotion with free spin bonuses on offer. Typically, these arrive at the beginning of a new month and for seasonal events.  

Sometimes, the free spin bonuses are for a select number of players. For example, in early 2021, the first 5,000 players were able to claim 30 free spins with their voucher code. It’s worth noting that most promotions offered by Emu Casino with voucher codes are by invitation only.  

Claiming the 30 No-Deposit Free Spins Promotion 

This elite invite-only promotion entitles select players to claim 30 no-deposit free spins on selected slot games with a voucher code. This voucher code is not made public and is sent to eligible players by email.  

Once you have that voucher code in your hot little hands, here’s what you need to do:  

1. Log into your Emu Casino account and visit the bonuses tab of your profile 

2. Enter your unique voucher code into the code section 

3. Start playing your free spins on the eligible games!  

Claiming the 80 Deposit Free Spins Promotion 

The 80 deposit free spins promotion allows you to claim 30 free spins followed by 50 free spins (for a total of 80) when you make $10 and $20 deposits. Claiming this bonus is simple.  

1. Log into your EmuCasino account and click deposit  

2. Select ‘deposit free spins’ when you make your deposit within the eligibility period 

3. Claim your free spins on the select games  

Past Sign Up Codes & Free Spins Codes 

Even though you can’t see the current Emu Casino sign up codes on the casino, you can see the past ones to get an idea of what’s in store for the years to come.  

In 2020, some VIP players were treated to free spins and both deposit and no deposit bonuses to celebrate the launch of the slots game Eddy Dundee, St. Patrick’s day, the beginning of March, and Easter. It’s like any event is an excuse for the casino to give away free spins!  

Final Thoughts 

While many online casinos offer pretty awesome bonuses, few are as intriguing or generous as those from Emu Casino. From the sign up code for free spins to ongoing secret bonuses for new and existing players, it’s hard to keep up! 

To make sure you’re always up to date with the latest bonus codes being offered, register with your email address today. From that point on, you’ll never miss out on some of the best promotions in the online gaming scene.  

Last updated on June 15, 2023