Emu Live Casino Games

The Emu Casino live amps up your play and brings you to a whole new dimension of online casino action. You can play all those classic casino games in real time right on your web browser. In the live section, you can see all that’s on offer in alphabetical order. It’s easy to navigate and check out your favorite games.  

Live Dealer Games

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Part of what makes the Emu Casino games live so exciting is the live dealer. They are highly professional dealers that have been trained to do the job and it shows. They may have worked in a brick and mortar casino in the past. They have all the pizzazz and class that you’d expect from a legit dealer. The great thing is you get to communicate with your dealer on live chat. This allows you to socially interact. While it is multiplayer, your wagers are independent and other players on the same live dealer game won’t see them.  

Live Games Available

The Emu Casino live experience is like the normal games you play at an online casino in video form in the sense that the rules remain the same. There just happens to be a real human who arranges everything for you in real time. The HD streaming brings a casino right into your room with various cameras to capture all angles. The cards, tables, and other components are virtual and what you’re getting is full access to your own private room.  

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Baccarat is available to you in the exciting EmuCasino live experience. While this game of mystery is simple, it’s still considered high rolling. The great thing is you can play it for less at Emu Casino and figure out how it works. The rules are pretty simple at any rate. It’s a card game where you have to bet who will win. You can bet that your cards will trump the dealer or actually bet against yourself and wager on the dealer winning. You can also bet for a tie. You can play normal or Lightning Baccarat.  


There are a few forms of poker for your enjoyment as part of the Emu Casino games live edition. Poker is based on the five-card draw, where you’re playing against the dealer. You’ll get five cards to start with and can choose ones you wish to keep. Discard ones you don’t want to get more. You want to get the strongest hand are you. How much your win will depend on how many points you hold when the dealing is done. You’ll be able to chat with the dealer throughout the experience.  


There are a few versions of blackjack in the Emu live casino as well. While a simple game, you might want to study the rules. This can help you gain advantages over the house. Every variation of the game has a different set of rules so study up on all of them. The professional dealer will be dealing out the cards and is there when you need to communicate via chat box.  


Enjoy all the excitement of the Emu live casino games addition of roulette. This game requires you to make a call on where you think the ball will land once the wheel stops. Once you make a bet and make your call, a Croupier will spin the wheel for you. If the ball lands where you want it to, you win. This is an especially exciting game at Emu Casino live.  

Monopoly and Dream Catcher 

Monopoly is one of the Emu live casino games that has risen in popularity. Powered by Evolution Gaming, you place number bets. They are going to correspond with payouts. The dealer will spin the wheel and reveal whatever number you land on. This also has 2 and 4 rolls bonus games, adding to the excitement.  

Evolution Gaming is also in charge of Dream Catcher. This is another game that includes a money wheel. It’s operated by a live dealer. Easy to play, the dealer is in an innovative multi-camera installation. You’ll see lights and sounds effects that synchronise with the spin of the wheel. The dealer will be interacting with you throughout your play time. All you have to do is bet on the number you think the wheel will stop at. If you do bet on the correct number, you get the payout that is attached to the number. It’s easy and really exciting.  

Start Your Live Casino Journey!

Get in on the action of the Emu Casino games live and in real time. They offer up a new level of excitement that is so much like being at a casino, you won’t believe you’re at home. All the best, classic games are there plus some other featured games.


Last updated on June 15, 2023